“I thought I was being clever. I didn’t have a suit, and I always arrive to these things late and out of breath. But I told everybody at the reception that I’d been following a manual detailing the house style of a particular publisher, and phrasing a piece of writing with great care and thought.”

“What in the world are you talking about?”

“Don’t you see? Even though I wasn’t dressed for it, I was still styled and composed!”


I am a member of Editors Canada. As a technical editor, I enjoy transforming complex topics into simple ideas and instructions. I have a background in software, technology, and education. I also enjoy speculative fiction.

I have a great deal of attention for detail, the ability to look at the overall structure of something and notice missing or inconsistent information, and a commitment to quality and professional integrity.

I believe good editing cannot happen in a vacuum. There has to be an intuitive rapport between author and editor, and a mutual desire for high-quality results.

Authors intentions should be clearly expressed and communicated to their desired audience. There are many moving parts to any creative endeavour, and I like being part of that process.